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Because we care

At Anh Trading LLC, we care deeply about our customers and are committed to providing  the highest quality products and technical support services.

We provides a full range of lubricants and greases from reputable brands such as Mobil lubricants, Caltex lubricants, Chevron lubricants, Shell lubricants, Total, Fuchs… Our products are 100% genuine and offer the best quality.

Since a well lubricated machine will save you money in maintenance and replacement costs, you can trust Anh Trading LLC for making you save money.



We will impress you with our professionalism and commitment to our customers.



We stay focused in providing the best products and customer support.



Anh Trading LLC offers a dependable team of serious experts.

“Only a well oiled machine runs smoothly”

Ron Kaufman

Remember The Past

Only 150 years ago, humans did not have our current concept of lubrication. At that time, all machines were lubricated with lard and olive oil. When olive oil was scarce, people turned to other herbal oils. For example, to lubricate the spindles of looms, palm oil was used.

Today, engines lubricants are in fact a mixture of base oils and additives. They are commonly known as commercial lubricants. Additives are added for the purpose of helping commercial lubricants have consistent properties with specified criteria which base oil does not have.

Mobil brand lubricants have gained a long established trust in consumers worldwide. With over 125 years of experience and the product lines which have given it its reputation such as Mobil 1 TM, Mobil Delvac 1 TM, Mobil SHC TM, Mobil brand lubricants have affirmed their No. 1 position in the market.

With excellent product quality and expert technical advice, Mobil lubricants are available for the most demanding lubrication locations and are recommended by thousands of industrial machinery and household appliance manufacturers.

In line with ExxonMobil’s business strategy, Anh Trading LLC  is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality Mobil branded products and the best technical support services.

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